Best Foods to eat in Nepal in 2022

Best Foods to eat in Nepal in 2022

Posted on: August 30, 2022

You’ve come to the right page if you’re looking for information about the best foods to eat in Nepal in 2022. In addition to being a well-liked destination for trekking, As many people annually come to visit Nepal for Everest Base Camp Trek along with other trekking journeys. Nepal is renowned for its many wonderful regional specialties.

Western fast food is different from Nepali cuisine. The diverse flavors of the Nepali foods mentioned in this article make them famous among consumers. You want to eat more and more with each dish. There is more to Nepali food than just “Dal-Bhat.” Nepal’s many communities have a big impact on the menu.

List of Popular Nepalese Food

Nepalese cuisine has been passed down through the generations using recipes that have been used for thousands of years.

These delicacies are a must-try if you want to fully experience Nepali culture. These foods’ distinctive flavors and essence will give you the fullest sense of Nepal.

Here are some traditional Nepali dishes that you must eat while visiting Nepal. Let’s explore some of Nepal’s traditional foods.

Dal Bhat

The heaviest dish you will likely eat in Nepal is this one. This dish can be considered a national dish because it is frequently prepared in Nepali homes. Lentils with side dishes like meat, vegetables, curd, and pickles are typically served with rice. Therefore, it is one of the best foods to eat in Nepal in 2022. Trekkers love the utterly fulfilling Dal Bhat as a supper.

It contains a lot of protein and carbs. It gives you the energy you need to work long hours while keeping you full all day. Raw chilies can enhance the flavor of your cuisine. Without sampling this wonderful cuisine, your trip to Nepal would be lacking.

Newari Khaja

A traditional dish of the Newar community, Newari Khaja is also referred to as “Newari Bhoye” and “Samai Baji.” In the past, Newari khaja was only available to them and was only consumed on rare occasions. However, times have changed. This dish currently has a large following in Nepal.

A number of ingredients, including baji (beaten rice), achar, chhoyela, eggs, soybeans, bara, Aalu Tama, and chhyang, are included in the meal known as “Newari Khaja” (rice beer). Numerous Newari eateries in Kathmandu provide delectable Newari Khaja.

At Newa Lahana, Kirtipur, one of the most well-liked locations to experience a Newari culture. At Newa Lahana, you can experience the allure of a proper Newari setting. Ethnic service is provided here.

The women that work here are clothed in Haku patasi, and they serve Newari Khaja in Lapte (Leaf plate). There, you can eat the food traditionally by sitting on a sukul.


Yomari is yet another delectable Newari cuisine that makes our list. Furthermore, Yomari is a traditional food prepared from chaaku and rice flour. It takes a lot of time to cook this unusual but wonderful dish.

The dough is first made with rice flour. The chaaku paste is then made, giving it a thick consistency. A small piece of dough is then formed into a particular shape one at a time.

It is packed with chaaku and steam-cooked. People today choose other fillings except chaaku. Moreover, Yomari can be seen that are stuffed with meat and khuwa. Therefore, it is one of the best foods to eat in Nepal in 2022.

Yomari can be found in Newari restaurants, but be sure to first look at the menu. Likewise, Yomari isn’t always available at Newari hotels. It’s a delectable treat for sweet tooths.


Chatamari is added to the list as another newari item. Rice flour is used to make chatamari. Rice flour is used to create a thick batter. Its top is garnished with a variety of ingredients, giving it an exotic appearance and flavor.

For vegetarians, vegetables are utilized as chatamari toppings; non-vegetarians can also choose meat toppings. Therefore, it is one of the best foods to eat in Nepal in 2022. It might not be offered in every Newari restaurant.

The menu makes it clear whether they serve chatamari. Although the chatamari looks like pizza, it doesn’t taste like pizza. Chatamari is a must-try treat since it has a distinctively local, traditional Nepali flavor.


The delectable momo dumplings are a must-try food when visiting Nepal. Unquestionably, momo is a favorite dish among Nepalis. There are a ton of momo hubs in Kathmandu, so finding a momo restaurant won’t be a problem. There are numerous types of momo.

It comes in a variety of flavors and sizes. In addition to the momo dumplings, the sauce (momo achaar) is what makes it special. Immerse yourself in the opulence of the momo sauce, which is made up of copious amounts of spices that enhance the momo’s flavor. Therefore, it is one of the best foods to eat in Nepal in 2022.

In Nepal, momo are offered with a variety of ingredients, including chicken, paneer, khuwa, and minced beef. Here in Nepal, momo is definitely something you should try.

Selroti and Aalu Achaar

It belongs to the holiday season. Tihar is a significant celebration that is enthusiastically observed in Nepal. The five-day celebration is also known as the festival of lights. During Tihar, Nepalese prepare selroti at home and have it with friends and family.

But because of its enormous popularity, many individuals choose selroti in their daily lives. They occasionally eat it for lunch and breakfast. It contains rice flour. It has a ring-like form and is deep-fried in ghee or oil. The two main accompaniments to this treat are tea and aalu achar.

Traditional potato pickles like aalu achaar are typically chosen as a side dish with Dal Bhat. Small cubes of boiled potatoes are cut into pieces, which are then combined with a variety of spices. Selroti’s sweetness and aalu achaar’s spice keep the flavor in balance. Therefore, you should taste selroti and achaar without hesitation when you are in Nepal.

Pani puri

Pani puri was originally a street cuisine, but it became so well-liked that many upscale restaurants now serve it. It is an intriguing meal with a sour flavor and several spices.

A small puri filled with mashed potatoes, onions, chilies, and spices is served with flavor-infused water. The use of flavors like mint and tamarind is entirely up to the individual. It is affordable and widely accessible.


You should try chatpate if you enjoy spicy food and wish to taste Nepali cuisine that uses a lot of spices. The combination of spices in chatpate will make your mouth feel like a firework show.

It resembles a spice festival. In just one bite, you’ll taste tanginess, spice, sweetness, and more. To find out how it tastes, you must try it.

Thakali Khana

The basic components of a thakali khana are a set of rice or dhido, flavorful lentils, stir-fried greens, gundruk ko achaar, several pickles, vegetarian and non-vegetarian curries, and all of this is served on a single dish.

The flavor of the rice or dhido can be improved by adding some melted ghee. Although Thakali khana has a similar appearance to Dal-Bhat, it has a different cooking process and different ingredients. Therefore, it is one of the best foods to eat in Nepal in 2022.

You may find the mouthwatering Thakali Khana in any restaurant in Nepal because the dish is becoming more and more well-known in Kathmandu every day.

Juju Dhau

Juju dhau, Nepal’s most delectable yogurt, will introduce you to Newari culture. Moreover, Juju Dhau, the king of yogurt, is a need for practically all celebrations. The main location to find juju dhau is Bhaktapur.

It has a rich texture and is made from buffalo milk. Juju dhau, which has a robust flavor, is made by mashing some sweets in hot milk. The concoction is then poured into a pretty clay bowl, which is then kept warm until it is time to eat.

Similarly, Juju Dhau should definitely be sampled when in Bhaktapur. It’s possible that you’ll order more. Juju dhau can be eaten as a snack or as a side dish with dal-bhat.


Dhido is an exotic traditional food that is made by cooking millet, wheat, buckwheat, or maize flour according to custom. By mixing flour with hot water, a nutritious food is created.

It is cooked by stirring the batter with a cooking spatula until it gets a consistent texture. Steaming hot dhido is served with cool liquid. Add ghee to enhance the taste.

Enjoy the dish by dipping it in meat soup, milk, lentil soup, or gundruk. You can eat it for lunch or dinner.

Sadheko Sukuti

If you enjoy eating meat-based foods, you will love this dish. Sadheko sukuti is delicious, but this sour, hot, and smokey beef dish elevates the flavor to an all new level.

In restaurants, the dried meat is served as an appetizer or side dish. It is combined with a few spices, raw onions, chillies, and garlic. It can be made in a variety of ways.

Furthermore, it comes with pickles, beaten rice, freshly sliced carrots, radish, and cucumber, as well as pickles.

Gundruk ko achar

Gundruk ko achar, a unique Nepalese food item, has a distinctive flavor and aroma. It could take some time for beginners to become used to the flavor of gundruk ko achar. A fermented leafy green called gundruk is made from the leaves of the mustard, radish, and cauliflower plants.

It takes soaked gundruk, chopped onion, green chilies, tomato, garlic, ginger, mustard oil, fenugreek, turmeric, lemon, and salt to make gundruk ko achar. The flavor of the dish is elevated to a new level by the addition of several grains of toasted bhatmas.

It is a side dish that looks like an appetizer. This meal is quite rare outside of Nepal. It is understandable why Nepalis refer to it as their national meal and how delicious they prepare it. Ask for gundruk ko achar when ordering Dal-Bhat or Thakali khana. The mixture will work well.


The Boudha street is dotted with lafhing stores. Lafhing, originally a Tibetan street cuisine, has recently gained enormous appeal among Kathmandu’s foodies.

A summer dish can be eaten in the winter when it is served with cold spiced water. We are confident that the delectable flavor will leave you craving more.

The noodles are made amazingly excellent with a touch of salt, coriander, onions, cloves, and garlic along with a few drops of sesame oil.

The amount of spice can be increased as much as you like. Well, when it’s really spicy, it tastes the greatest. Try this spicy delight the next time you visit Buddha to surprise your taste buds.

Gud Pak

Gudpak, a dish made from milk and sugar, is thought to provide a number of health advantages. As a result, a new mother continuously receives service. The soft, brownish dessert with sliced almond and grated coconut on top tastes best when heated up. Therefore, it is one of the best foods to eat in Nepal in 2022.

Pau or Titaura

A fruit-based delight that is sour and spicy is a must-try. You will be greeted by a titaura business chain on the new road. They offer a wide selection of titaura. Take a packet, of course. Be cautious since you can become addicted to its strange flavor.

Yak Cheese

Yak cheese is made in the Himalayan region, which accounts for its delicious flavor in this creamy, soft delight. The cheese is commonly available in Kathmandu and other regions of Nepal and is made from yak milk.

While visiting cheese producers, trekkers in the Himalayan region can sample fresh yak cheese.

Aalu Tama

Aalu tama is a hot and sour soup that combines Chinese and Indian cuisine. With rice, sel roti, or Newari khaja set, a mixture of potatoes, bamboo shoots, and black-eyed beans is given as a side dish.

If you are tasting the soup for the first time, it might not suit your taste but a few more shots and you will be additive to its peculiar sourness.


Milk is used to make khuwa. It takes a lot of effort to stir the milk until it becomes thick and smooth, but it’s worth it for such a tasty treat. In most veg restaurants around Nepal, this dish is offered.


Thukpa, a Nepalese dish with Tibetan and Chinese influences, is a common dish in the Himalayan region. A bowl of steaming soup will ward off the flu.

Thukpa is a beloved meal in Nepal thanks to its high nutritious content and delectable flavor. Noodles, green veggies, pork, and eggs are all included in the stew. Lime can be used to improve the flavor. Therefore, it is one of the best foods to eat in Nepal in 2022.

Sherpa Stew

Locals and trekkers alike enjoy Sherpa stew in the Everest region. You may stay full all day long and get the stamina you need to climb the difficult trail by eating a hearty soup made of flatbread, vegetables, and rice.

Exotic Nepali Liquid Refreshments

Butter Tea

Butter tea, a favorite in the Himalayan region, uses regular ingredients but has a remarkably distinctive flavor.

The flavor of butter tea is enhanced by the addition of yak butter, salt, and tea leaves that have been cooked for half a day. While trekking in the Himalayan region, grab one if you want to experience a real flavor.


The traditional Newari beverage is made by combining fermented millet, rice, and grains. CNN named it one of the “50 most delicious drinks in the world.”

Aila is rarely available in restaurants and is often only offered at Newari festivals.

Aila was however served in the eateries that provided Newari food. Because it contains 60% alcohol, exercise caution when using it.


Chhang is a rare beverage made from fermented rice in Nepal. While it is served hot in the winter, you can drink it at room temperature in the summer. The beverage has relatively little alcohol and is perfect for keeping warm in the cold. It has a sweet flavor.


The unusual hot hard drink keeps big people content in the cold. Tongba, a traditional beverage of the Limbu people, is made from fermented millet.

Hot water is poured into a container called a Tongba after the fermented millet has been added. Fill it up as often as you like. It is conveniently available in hotels at high altitudes when trekking in Nepal. Your entire body is warmed by tongba.


While visiting Nepal, I hope this guide will assist you choose some Nepalese cuisine. You can test out a variety of foods, and I don’t think you’ll forget the things I’ve listed while you’re in Nepal.

Furthermore, what are you going to eat?

Will you give Momo a try? Or perhaps you might try Dhido? In either case, post a comment or piece of feedback below.

Have a great meal!

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