Why Us ?

Why Us ?

Why Us? There are many things to do and see in Nepal, and you can do them your way or our way. Your route will show you what you want to see, also our route will show you what you need to see. It’s all about you in Travel Nepal Now vacations; there’s nothing about us, and we’re only here because you’ve loved and cared for us.

Our Guides

We have guides who are well-trained and competent. You might be wondering what’s new about it. We don’t simply have guides who have obtained licenses and completed exams; we also have guides who are experienced in real-life situations. They know when to have a drink with you and what they can help you with, but they also understand the boundaries. Once they agree to be your guide, they will accompany you throughout your journey.


Your safety is our utmost concern and no matter if you are headed to the remotest destination or the country is going through turmoil, your safety comes first and then the trip.


We provide a wide range of destinations and activities, as well as adjustable departure times. We are a small, privately owned tour –trek company in Nepal that is willing to organize bespoke experiences. We find time to walk around and deliver minor but vital information to all of the members because we operate in small groups, which makes it even more special. We are tour providers who are socially, culturally, and environmentally conscious.