Is it Safe to Trek in Nepal

Is it Safe to Trek in Nepal

Posted on: January 31, 2023

Nepal, the country where Gautam Buddha was born, is an entirely risk-free location for trekking or any other activity. It resembles the safest and most stable nation in the world. Is it safe to trek in Nepal? has a clear and unambiguous yes in the answer.

The little kingdom located between China and India has recently emerged as the top hiking location. It all began in 1949 AD when a group of British explorers obtained the first-ever trekking permit. Trekking has historically been the main source of income for the nation, coming in second only to mountaineering in terms of popularity. 

Since Nepal’s trekking routes draw thousands of visitors from abroad each year, the government has been introducing and putting into action a number of strategies to protect the travel and tourism sector. And because of the government’s efforts’ effectiveness, many people consider Nepal to be the safest destination.

However, a nation cannot be made safe for travelers solely via the efforts of the government. Together with the government, Nepal’s charming citizens have been promoting tourism. People who have visited Nepal may also tell you that the inhabitants there are the friendliest. That statement is totally accurate, and in Nepal, the proverb “Guests are the Gods” is also widely used. As soon as you arrive in Nepal, you will see that they truly live up to that adage and treat foreigners as gods.

Nepal is definitely, entirely, and completely the appropriate destination to get lost around for trekking, to put it in a single statement. However, there are times when what we are saying might not sound proper. There haven’t been many instances where tourists have had to endure hardships in Nepal, thus it is a rare occurrence. You can never know what someone else is thinking. Simply have a positive outlook on life wherever you go. You may take our word for it that the citizens of this lovely nation will never allow their nation’s name to be used in vain. 

Solo Trek or Travel with Company

Once you’ve determined whether trekking in Nepal is safe, the next question that arises is whether solo trekking is worthwhile vs group trekking.

That depends on your level of actual experience. The lone travelers are exceptionally adept and skilled because they prefer to complete the travels by themselves. After so much time spent on their own, they have acquired a great deal of knowledge and expertise.

A single traveler can and should manage all the new experiences. They excel at handling unforeseen circumstances well. They qualify as true adventurers because of this. However, we must caution you that going it alone in a foreign country is not as simple as you may assume.

Both types of trekkers, agency trekkers and solo trekkers, have visited Nepal in the past. However, more people who use the assistance of trekking organizations will be doing the treks. Because if you are a novice trekker, that is the best course of action. Even if you have little prior trekking experience, you can still go on a solo journey. However, there are many challenges you must overcome on the journey.

Nepal’s hiking routes are strenuous, hard, rural, and arduous. You could experience any type of effects on such difficult hikes. Can you manage all of those challenges alone in a distant country? If the answer is yes, you go on a solo journey; otherwise, your options are limited to going on a trek with an established company. 

Benefit of going with a travel company

Better education about the locations and people

The knowledgeable advisors will accompany you on the walk. You’ll always have a ton of knowledge on the specific location with you. You don’t even need to ask a question if you want to learn more about the residents of the locations. They will promptly provide all the information that is necessary to know about anything on the walk.

Better Security

When you travel with a trekking company, you first benefit from security and safety throughout the walk. On a trek, you are escorted by some of the most knowledgeable guides. They are solely there to lead you carefully and help you complete the hike successfully. If you walk alone, you won’t receive this kind of benefit. The agencies constantly prioritize your safety.

Hassle Free

Trekking alone in an unfamiliar environment can be a bother. You are responsible for making all of the arrangements, including finding restrooms and purchasing airline tickets. However, if you travel with a company, you get to enjoy your freedom all the way through. They will set up everything so that you won’t have to worry about anything at all.

Saves Time

A solitary hike may require more time than usual. It takes longer because the lone hikers prefer to examine everything in depth. The time-saving treks offered by trekking agencies are ideal for people with very little free time. When you travel with an agency, everything is on schedule. You’ll have enough time to catch up on time while also exploring the events. 

Well Organized

When you travel with a travel company. Then all the  thing related to travelling will be organized. The trek with a trekking agency would be ideal if you enjoy keeping things arranged. Everything you need will arrive on schedule. Every aspect of trekking with the company is arranged in advance and generally goes as expected. This is how the trek is successfully finished on schedule. For this reason, you ought to go on a journey with a trekking organization rather than by yourself.

Emergency Support

Trekking is not an easy activity, and you will encounter many challenges. The journeys can be challenging and protracted. Who can say what will happen next. Altitude sickness, changing weather patterns, mishaps, and injuries are all possible. You’ll need assistance in these situations, which is difficult to come by on a solo expedition. However, if you are traveling with a trustworthy trekking company, they will take care of all necessary assistance. Imagine you had mountain sickness and required urgent transportation out of the area. The agency will step forward to promptly make such arrangements. 

Safety tips for Trekking in Nepal

Plan your trek, then get ready.

An organized trek never fails. You will finish the trek’s tasks as long as you have a plan in place. What to do and what not to do will already be clear to you. You’ll be able to plan the expedition at the appropriate time and with the necessary supplies. You will be one step behind the issues if you don’t have a plan to follow. 

Do Preparation

Here, preparation refers to physical preparation. The majority of treks in Nepal are challenging, steep, high altitude, and exhausting. Treks in Nepal require that you plan adequately. If this is your first walk, the need for preparation is considerably greater. Engage in and apply yourself to various aerobic exercises, such as cycling, swimming, and running. These actions will assist you in developing the necessary amount of pain tolerance for the particular expedition.

Trek with a local travel agency

It is preferable to travel in groups rather than alone. The trekking company guarantees security, safety, assistance, good direction, and a better overall experience. When you go on a journey with a trekking company, all you have to do is live and observe what is going on. 

Have a travel insurance with you

Your travel insurance will pay for all medical expenses and evacuation costs. If you are doing a challenging hike, having travel insurance is a godsend. If something happens, the insurance will cover all costs associated with treatment. So, make sure you have this. 

Altitude Sickness

The Himalayas, the highest mountain range in the world, lap at the feet of Nepal. The majority of the walk passes through those lofty regions near the mountains. While undertaking any of the high area excursions, you run the risk of contracting mountain sickness. So, be mindful of this illness.

Do proper research about the trip 

You must have a fundamental understanding of the trek you are on. concerning the region you are visiting’s dos and don’ts. Additionally, you can discover the main features of the tour. You won’t get into any difficulty and you’ll properly investigate the place this way.

Don’t rush

While trekking in the Himalayas, rushing is never a good idea. By doing this, you risk teasing the illness and being caught. It is preferable to include one or two days for acclimatization in the trek schedule. Start the walk early and go slowly, stopping frequently. Throughout the walk, take your time.

Don’t consume alcohol

Alcohol causes your body to become extremely dehydrated. And a body that is dehydrated is more susceptible to the illness than a one that is well-hydrated. Avoid drinking alcohol or engaging in other intoxicating activities to lower your risk. Instead, consistently stay hydrated by drinking adequate water. 

Be healthy befre the trip 

The riskiest thing to do is to climb new heights while being sick. If you feel unwell, you must immediately turn around. Otherwise, you might have to deal with severe repercussions. 

Don’t lose your belongings

When you are really excited in a new location, you could become overwhelmed and misplace valuables. You can imagine the issues that would arise if your backpack or even fanny pack were missing. Don’t just let things get lost; be vigilant. 

Be nice to the locals

Don’t ever do anything to upset a local. When their self-respect is at risk, they are the kindest people on the planet but also the most dangerous. Always greet people with a smile, and they will return the favor.


Altogether Nepal is a very safe place to travel. There are less criminal records. However, one should be very careful while travelling to Nepal. Similarly, the best time to travel in Nepal is during the Spring and Autumn Season So, make sure you come to Nepa with your loved onces to enjoy the beautiful surrounding of Nepal.

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