Top Things to Do in Kathmandu

Top Things to Do in Kathmandu

Posted on: October 25, 2022

Tourists from all over the world routinely visit Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. Yet why? What makes Kathmandu so unique? Let’s look at the top eight things to do in Kathmandu that will both thrill you and make you feel better.

Visit Durbar Square

This is the area of Kathmandu with the most activity and where UNESCO has designated a heritage site. Up until the 19th century, the royal family lived in Durbar Square.

The palace complex known as Hanuman Dhoka features superb architecture and a distinctive Hanuman sculpture protecting the palace gate. Numerous more legendary figures, including those of Goddess Parvati, Lord Shiva, and the Tantric version of Lord Krishna, are scattered throughout the palace’s 34 courtyards.

A number of historic Hindu and Buddhist temples from the 12th century can be seen at Durbar Square. You may also explore the intricate Nepalese culture by going to the Durbar Square in the nearby cities of Pokhara and Bhaktapur.

Walk Through the Old Lanes

Traveling back in time to when Nepal was at its beautiful peak involves doing the walk from Durbar Square to Thamel. The 20-minute stroll is a game of hide-and-seek with the hidden statues tucked away in the corners of the tiny alleyways.

A maze of five lanes, including Makhan Tole, Siddhi Das Marg, and the market square of Indra Chowk, depicts a typical Kathmandu street scene with locals haggling over prices and purchasing their daily necessities.

The market’s main draws are the sparkling Bindis, vibrant beads, and colorful bangles. The Seto Machhendranath Temple, one of Nepal’s most exquisite temples, is located there.

The Asan Tole is the commercial hub where goods from the entire Kathmandu Valley are sold. The Annapurna Temple, a three-story temple, is another feature of the area.


Do the colors appeal to you? You will never see more colorful stores than those in Kathmandu. Brightly colored clothing, exquisite costume jewelry, wonderful home d├ęcor like paper lanterns, Thangka paintings, wooden boxes, bronze statues, regional musical instruments, and a ton of books are all sold in these stores. Shopping in this country is different since you have to haggle a lot.

Having enough of negotiating and shopping? Take a break and unwind in one of Thamel’s pubs. Local music is playing there while dim lights provide an air of mystery.

Pray at Swayambhunath

Swayambhunath is regarded as being Nepal’s most well-known temple. To get to the temple, you must ascend 365 stone steps, and several monkeys will greet you along the route.

To comprehend and take part in the chanting and ceremonies of the temple, you can ask one of the resident monks for assistance.

Get Blessed At Pashupatinath

Pashupatinath, which is devoted to Lord Shiva, is regarded as the most revered temple in all of Nepal. One of the best locations to see sadhus painted in vermilion is here. Come to the temple at dusk to see the Aarti, which inspires devotion in the soul.

Circumambulate Boudhanath

The greatest Buddhist stupa in Nepal is called Boudhanath. This location, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a key Tibetan Buddhist center.

The most notable aspect of this stupa is that after dusk, members of the Tibetan community come out to circle it while singing “Om Mani Pudme Hum” and spinning prayer wheels.

Nagarkot Sunrise

With this Nagarkot sunrise day tour, you can see the peaceful aspect of the village. Chinese and English are both offered for this tour. Your day will begin at 4:30 am when a pick-up from the hotel itself is scheduled. Later, it will take you an hour to get to the village’s peak.

Visit Narayanhiti Palace

One of the things to do in Kathmandu while you are there is to visit the Narayanhiti Palace Museum to get a peek at the regal living quarters of the King of Nepal. This palace’s past not only reveals the monarchy and wealth of the Nepalese ruler, but also the tragic and sinister past of the realm.

Rafting in Kathmandu

Nepal is the ideal destination for whitewater rafting because it is home to eight of the fourteen tallest peaks in the world. You would wish to explore so many rivers, including the Trishuli and Seti Rivers, the Bhote Koshi River, and the Sun Koshi River, among others. White-water rafting is possible on Nepal’s river, which features breathtaking views and amazing rushes.

Rafting, kayaking, and other adventure sports, such as trekking, are ideal on the rivers and in their vicinity. You can go on rafting excursions that last one day all the way up to ten days. For those who have prior rafting expertise, the white water rafting adventures are fantastic.

Your level of rafting expertise and your level of financial commitment should guide your decision of where to go rafting. A quick one-day excursion is the best choice if you’re on a tight budget.

Bungee Jumping

You’re in for a fun-filled day in Nepal. The city of Kathmandu is a great place to go bungee jumping, for example. Here, you can plunge 160 feet into the Bhote Kosi River gorge for an adrenaline sensation.

There are many exciting things in store for you thanks to the suspension bridge. The first Bungee Jumping location in Nepal is here, and it’s not far from the Nepal-Tibet border.

Although this location is around 3 hours from Kathmandu, there may be alternative bungee jumping locations nearby. Trekking is another activity you can enjoy here. There may be lunch provided, round-trip transportation, and other amenities included in the bungee jumping excursion.

Enjoy the Real Nepali Life

Visit the villages in the Kathmandu Valley to learn about their simple way of life and to take in the tranquility of the untainted environment. Your journey is made memorable by the warm welcome of the residents of Bungamati and Khokana. View and purchase the villagers’ wooden sculptures and carvings.

Satisfy Your Taste with Nepali Foods

Nepalese food promises to keep you warm and healthy against the backdrop of the Great Himalayan Range. Enjoy piping hot Momos and dumplings filled with meat and veggies while chatting with friends while eating piping hot Dal Bhaat or steaming hot Pulao with Gorkhali lamb curry for lunch.

People enjoy hot noodle soups that are full of meat and veggies. You can eat Dounouts and Sel roti to satisfy your sweet carvings.

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